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  • EAR 110
  • Billy Dalessandro: Sonic Combustion
  • 0 Reviews
  • Billy Dalessandro is an electronic music artist with his own, unique voice. In this EAR course he plunges you deep into his musical world explaining his sonic vision and how he creates his killer dance music masterpieces.
  • Orchestration 302
  • The MIDI Orchestra – Designing Templates
  • 3 Reviews
  • You need an orchestra to play orchestral music. Likewise, you need an orchestral template to play a MIDI orchestral score. This course, by Peter Schwartz, explains the technology and the craft behind designing pro orchestral templates.
  • Photos 101
  • Photos 101 - Learn Photos Now!
  • 0 Reviews
  • Photos for Mac is Apple’s latest app for organizing, editing and sharing your library of pictures and videos. Watch this course and learn everything about using Photos on all your Apple devices!
  • Universal Audio 101
  • UA In Action – Bass and Drums
  • 0 Reviews
  • Universal Audio’s UAD V8.0 plugins are here and so is expert mixer Rich Tozzoli to show us how he uses them “In Action”! Learn the secrets of how to make your rhythm tracks really rock, in this example-filled course.
  • GoPro 101
  • Introducing GoPro
  • 1 Reviews
  • The GoPro camera, with its high quality, small size, robustness and advanced software, is the go-to camera for shooting everything from music videos to feature films. Learn the basics of this amazing camera in this this 22-tutorial course!

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