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This is an excellent review of what these rack extensions are meant to do and what they can do. The information is provided in a very easy to understand f...

Derek Fazakas Jun 28, 2016

One of the best tutorials ive seen. This guy is so thoroug and being a musician he is able to give the best of bithe worlds meaning video and audio. Lo...

jazzfreak55@gmail.com Jun 28, 2016

Awesome beginner's guide to Logic Pro X! I've been using Logic for 1 year and wanted a refreshment on the basic concepts. The instructor is very knowledgea...

Avid Learner Jun 25, 2016

Having used Powerpoint for many years, the Keynote felt quite intuitive. There are however a lot of features and possibilities best learned from an exprrt...

B. B. B. Kjelbye Jun 25, 2016

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