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Battery is Awesome that's all i can say, never seen any plugin or software like it before it's really going to help my tracks have that punch that we...

Kevin Hamm Jul 1, 2016

Back in The Days I was messing around with cutting and splicing tapes, and doing Track-On-Track to get the right sound. Today we have Music Memo. Thos ...

B. B. B. Kjelbye Jul 1, 2016

Lots of good info giving a more trchnical understanding of distortion types & use with consise descriptions of the distortion derived from various guitar a...

Dv8ter Jul 1, 2016

Good course to ensure you get into good habits while giving you essential knowledge if your lucky enough to find yourself in a analogue studio with full mi...

Dv8ter Jun 30, 2016

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