Five new, exclusive courses produced by award-winning filmmaker and renowned film industry educator Michael Wohl.


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Film Craft 101

The Producer

In this exclusive Film Craft course you learn the producer's leadership role from initial idea to final release. Master the craft of being a producer from award-winning filmmaker and renowned educator Michael Wohl!

Film Craft 103

The Director

Everybody wants to be a Director. Here’s your “take one”! In this exclusive, introductory course, you learn about directing and the power of storytelling from award-winning filmmaker and renowned educator, Michael Wohl!

Film Craft 105

The Cinematographer

The Cinematographer is, essentially, the filmmaker… He shoots the film! In this Film Craft course, Michael Wohl gives you an inside look at the art and science of cinematography.

Film Craft 107

The Location Sound Mixer

Sound is a huge part of the filmmaking process. Learn the craft of location sound recording and mixing in this audio-centric course created exclusively for us by award-winning filmmaker Michael Wohl.

Film Craft 109

The Editor

You've shot miles and miles of footage... Now what? Learn essential film and video editing techniques in this information-packed, example-filled, Film Craft course by award-winning filmmaker Michael Wohl.

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Everybody Loves Michael Wohl's Courses:

Another excellent course from Michael Wohl, who continues to demonstrate his deep subject expertise while combining that with a smooth, easy delivery. It's a pleasure to follow his courses, and I hope he can deliver more in the near future!


Can a tutorial get any better?!? ... these tutorials are far superior to ANY tutorials I have ever seen. Clear, precise, information packed...


Absolutely fantastic as always. I can't believe how good these courses are compared to other online courses. Very simple to follow along and very rewarding...


Meet Michael Wohl

Michael Wohl

Michael Wohl

Back when desktop video editing was just a sparkle in every film editor's eye, Michael was busy creating Final Cut Pro. Learn Final Cut Pro from one of the original designers of this incredible piece of software!

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