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Logic Pro X 10.2What's New in Logic Pro X 10.2 Product Image

Logic Pro X 10.2

What's New in Logic Pro X 10.2

Steve Horelick 9 videos 15 minutes

What’s new? Lots of things! Including the most powerful synth on the planet: Alchemy! In this FREE 10.2 flyover, Logic guru Steve H shows you some of the main features in this Apple Logic Pro X 10.2 release!

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“Great work, Steve. Great overview of the new features.”

— LuxLumen

“Great course on the update, appreciated the info on what's been updated, great stuff that I can use in my work flow!!!”

— Loko

Status: Available | Released: Aug 27th, 2015
Yeah, the big news is Alchemy. Without a doubt, this synth—now exclusive to Logic—is a huge addition to the already bountiful collection of synths in Logic Pro X. However, there are other cool new features too!

This version of Logic improves the way you can drive your collection of hardware drum machines, sequencers, Eurorack modules, etc. with MIDI.
This makes the integration of hardware and software a more seamless experience. There’s also customizable track icons, improved MIDI and audio region record settings. You can reverse, speed up and slow down audio right in the Region Inspector. Now there’s the capability to drag and drop audio files right onto the pads in Drum Machine Designer to build your own custom kits.

Add to that a cargo load of other fixes and improvements and it’s clear that Apple is continuing to expand the sonic possibilities of Logic Pro X. So join in with Steve H in this LPX 10.2 flyover and see some of the cool new stuff in action!

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