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(The) Art of Audio Recording 302The Mix Product Image

(The) Art of Audio Recording 302

The Mix

Singing Canary Productions 62 videos 307 minutes

Mixing is a complicated “mix” of art and science. In this Singing Canary tutorial, follow top engineer Clint Murphy as he takes you on a 60-video, step by step mixing journey...

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Course Reviews

“This is a very deep and thorough exploration into the art of mixing - a difficult yet very important part of the song production process. I learned so many new things which I immediately applied to my...”

— Badmac Music

“Another fantastic course from 'The Art of Audio Recording'. Here Clint Murphy delves deep into the mixing process of a pop song. I would recommend this course along with the rest in the series to any ...”

— Paul

Status: Available | Released: Feb 27th, 2012
How do you get a complicated song, with tons of drums, guitar, keyboard and vocal tracks to really shine and stand out when reduced to a stereo pair? Well, it’s not easy. In fact, it’s one of the most critical and complicated steps of the whole recording process. And that’s what makes this 60-video tutorial so unique! You’ll sit alongside Modern World Studio’s mixing ninja Clint Murphy as he teaches you everything he knows about the art of mixing.

This is not one of those overview tutorials: It's an in-depth treatise—nothing is glossed over or left out. From setting up the console to exporting your final stereo bounce, this tutorial shows you every step of the way. So break out your notebooks because this hands-on, down-and-dirty, in the trenches mixing adventure is loaded with tons of mixing techniques and audio tips.

You know, it’s not every day that a world class engineer lets you in on all his mixing secrets. So sit back, put your feet up (not on the console, please) put on your headphones and get ready to learn about the art and science of The Mix!
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