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(The) Art of Audio Recording 203


Singing Canary Productions 16 videos 82 minutes

Master the art of EQ! The engineers at Modern World Recording explain it all in this “deep listening” equalization course...

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Course Reviews

“I guess this course is a quite advanced one, you have to watch it with fresh ears and on proper monitors. Watching it on headphones at first was a waste of time, since you can't notice the difference ...”

— BRHamester

“The course by no means will get you up and running on your own projects, however it is a great overview of what EQing is. There are many instances in which I realized that I do not yet have the ear t...”

— Rachelle

Status: Available | Released: Nov 14th, 2012
Equalization is to sound as hue, saturation and contrast is to picture. In other words, you can either enhance the final product or distort it beyond recognition! That’s where the educators at Singing Canary step in to teach you everything they know about EQ and how to apply it in real world recording situations!

This course starts off with a detailed explanation of the equalization process and a deep look at the audio frequency bands.
It goes on to explain how these bands relate to musical instruments in the different frequency ranges. This is KEY information that every engineer must know!

Next up is a exacting look at the difference between EQs and filters in all their different configurations. You’ll learn about Parametric, Graphic and Dynamic EQs and hear the difference between Hi Pass, Low Pass, and Bandpass filters. This is followed by a set of tracking, mixing and mastering Guidelines you can rely on and incorporate into your productions.

Finally, it’s time for deep listening! In this final section you can sit back, watch and listen as the engineers at Modern World Recording apply EQ to Drums, Bass, Guitars, Pianos, Vocals and on the Master Bus. That’s what we like best about this course: the amount of deep listening time the trainers have set aside throughout the tutorials so that you can actually hear the EQ concepts you've learned throughout this course applied in realtime on real instruments!

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