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Sylenth 101Sylenth - Explored Product Image

Sylenth 101

Sylenth - Explored

Rishabh Rajan 25 videos 113 minutes No reviews

Sylenth is an innovative synth from the Netherlands by LennarDigital. Watch electronic music master Rishabh Rajan explain and explore how this warm, analog-sounding synth works!

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Status: Available | Released: May 20th, 2015
Sylenth is one of the "go-to" synths for electronic dance music producers. Why? Because it offers a clarity and warmth that makes it sound like it’s a real analog synth. In this course, Rishabh Rajan digs into the oscillators, filters modulators and much more to show you how you can get the most out of this amazing instrument. The last several tutorials in this course comprise a sound design workshop where you can see how to apply your new Sylenth knowledge to create sounds that are uniquely your own.

You start by learning Sylenth’s controls and GUI. Once you get comfortable with how this synth works (and where everything is located) Rishabh takes you on a synthesis masterclass where you learn all about Sylenth’s synthesis tools and the art of synthesis in general. He covers absolutely every function, tool and sound processing circuit this synth has hidden in its aural arsenal.

By the time you finish this course, you will be super-equipped to get the most out of Sylenth’s sonic palette. You will also greatly reinforce your knowledge in the art of electronic music synthesis. So learn Sylenth the Rishabh Rajan way and see why this synth is all over the dance music charts!

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