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Studio One 101Songwriters & Musicians Toolbox Product Image

Studio One 101

Songwriters & Musicians Toolbox

Gary Hiebner 22 videos 121 minutes

As an artist and a songwriter, you want to create music using a vehicle that can move your ideas forward, as smoothly as possible. Say hello to Studio One, a DAW that's a perfect fit for your creativity...

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Course Reviews

“After watching this series, I now see how lean and mean "Studio One" is, Gary gives a very comprehensive explanation of how to get around Studio One, awesome overview.”

— mooshi3000

“Gary is just downright awesome! Taught me a great deal about this awesome program. Will review parts again to make sure I didn't miss anything. Can't wait to learn more. Thanks Gary! Keep up the great...”

— Michael C

Status: Available | Released: Apr 3rd, 2013
It's obvious from the moment you open the program that PreSonus' Studio One is all about writing songs! That's what you're here for, right? Gary Hiebner is your guide in this in-depth exploration of an original DAW that has the artist (you!) in mind from the get-go.

This 22-tutorial course gives you a complete tour of Studio One and its great set of features.
You learn how to set up your first song and configure the tracks to suit your writing style. Drag and drop is a big part of Studio One and you see you how seamless it is when adding virtual instruments to a track, for example. Then it's time to dive deep into MIDI and audio editing, where you discover how to create comps, add effects and automate your tracks on your way to getting that perfect mix. You also get a tutorial on Melodyne, a great tool to edit your vocals, which is included with Studio One.

While you're here, make sure and check out all the other courses on Studio One, and learn what this unique DAW has to offer to spice up your songwriting!

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