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Roland Boutique 103JP-08 Explained and Explored Product Image

Roland Boutique 103

JP-08 Explained and Explored

Rishabh Rajan 17 videos 77 minutes

The Roland Jupiter-8 was a legendary synth. Roland reinvented it with the release of the Boutique Series JP-08! So patch up with synthesis expert Rishabh Rajan as he explains and explores every knob and slider on this new, iconic instrument!

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Course Reviews

“the instructor is pretty much going over the manual for you. Nothing fancy here but he does a good job showing you the parameters. It would be nice to hear more tone than talking in the course but nic...”

— decent overview of the JP-08 par

Status: Available | Released: Dec 19th, 2016
We’re excited to bring you this course in our continuing exploration of the Roland Boutique Series. The original Jupiter-8 blew the music world away when it was released in 1981. It was everywhere, on tons of tracks, crossing over multiple music genres. Now, with the release of the JP-08, Roland has again unleashed this classic synth on a whole new generation of music producers and performers.

In this course, by outstanding synth instructor Rishabh Rajan, you learn much more than just the JP-08. That’s because Rishabh dives deep into the history of the classic Jupiter-8 and shows you how this Boutique version re-captures the past and takes you into the future of synthesis at the same time! There's also a section on sound design that is specific to getting that classic, analog sound! This is your new JP-08 manual, filled with facts and without the manufacturer's hype!

So learn all more about analog synthesis and the Roland JP-08 in this info-packed, 17-tutorial course!

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