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Logic Pro X 203Retro Synth: 4 Synths in 1 Product Image

Logic Pro X 203

Retro Synth: 4 Synths in 1

Rishabh Rajan 23 videos 119 minutes

Dive into Retro Synth, Logic Pro X’s powerful new instrument and brush up on analog, wavetable, and FM synthesis techniques at the same time!

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Course Reviews

“Another excellent synthesis course by Rishabh. Even if you don't have Logic, you will add to your knowledge of synthesis by watching this course. Rishabh's style is clear, easy-to-understand, yet deta...”

— A Spooner

“Rishabh Rajan provides a detailed demonstration of Logic Pro X's Retro synthesiser in this comprehensive course. He not only covers functionality but also a high level overview of the 4 synthesis meth...”

— Paul

Status: Available | Released: Aug 15th, 2013
Retro Synth is a study in simplicity. But don’t be fooled. Behind the virtual faceplate of this new Logic Pro X instrument, there is a powerhouse of synthesis at your fingertips. In this course, our top trainer, Rishabh Rajan, teaches you all about Retro Synth while at the same time, helping you fine-tune your synthesis and sound design skills!

The basic architecture of this new Logic Pro X instrument is built around a classic sounding, analog synthesis engine.
But you're also just a click away from turning on the Wavetable, Osc Sync and FM synth engines too! As this course evolves, you learn how to unleash these synthesis techniques to create your own unique, powerful patch library.

So, master Retro Synth’s sound controls, explore its 4 different kinds of synthesis and get deep sound design tips all at the same time right here, right now!

But don’t stop there! Check out all of our Logic Pro X courses and learn every aspect of this powerhouse DAW as you explore the world's largest library of professionally-led Logic Pro X courseware in the Apple universe!

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