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Recording The Grand Piano

The Dave Brubeck Sessions

Anthony Iannucci 28 videos 85 minutes

See & hear how audio engineer Anthony Iannucci recorded the legendary jazz pianist, Dave Brubeck! This tutorial shows you how to mic and record pianos!

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Course Reviews

“Great tutorial on piano mic selection and placement, and mastering piano recordings. Leans heavily on Waves plugins, which, while very good, lean a bit pricey - ideas all valid with whatever you use.”

— C1ph3rd

“Really good tutorial. The Waves plugins explanations are very, very useful, as well as the editing tips. The separation of chapters and lessons comes in handy, as you can quickly come back and remembe...”

— Marcus

Status: Available | Released: Jan 5th, 2011
Dave Brubeck is a jazz icon. So when we combined him with seasoned audio engineer, Anthony Iannucci, we came up with a solo piano recording tutorial that will reveal piano recording techniques that were, until now, the secrets of the pros!

Recording solo piano, especially with a virtuoso like Dave Brubeck at the keyboard, is a delicate and exacting task.
Everything has to be perfect. The room has to sound just right. The piano has to be placed correctly in the room. The piano itself must meet the artist’s exacting standards and be tuned and regulated to perfection. Then there’s the microphones ... What kind do you use? Where do you place them? How many mics are required to get the sound you're after? Then follows the pre-amps, EQs, DAW. And (let's not forget) mixing and mastering!

It this tutorial, Anthony Iannucci takes you through the whole solo piano recording process, from felt-hammers-hitting-strings to mastering. You’ll be exposed to all kinds of advanced recording techniques and outboard processing. You’ll even get a lesson in the physics of sound as it emanates from the piano’s soundboard and is then transformed by the placement of the the piano lid!

So sit back and take a page from the Anthony’s playbook of Recording the Grand Piano ... and enjoy the added bonus of being a part of jazz history! Witness: The Dave Brubeck Sessions!
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