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Push 201Jordan Rudess - Pushing The Limits! Product Image

Push 201

Jordan Rudess - Pushing The Limits!

Jordan Rudess 24 videos 65 minutes

Ableton's Push is the most innovative new instrument to hit the market in years. So we decided to place one in the hands of the world's most innovative keyboard player: Jordan Rudess. See how Dream Theater's synth wizard pushes Push to the limit!

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Course Reviews

“Holy....Jordan Rudess is a MACHINE!!!! He's finger are so FAST! and he explained this course very well! I've learned a lot!”

— 110dB

“I like the way Jordan Rudess presents this course. You can easily see his background as a keyboard. His really rocking the Push. Good introduction of how to use Push as an instrument with lots of musi...”

— n4Sphere

Status: Available | Released: Mar 28th, 2013
When we proposed this course to our partners at Ableton, we wanted to see what magic might happen when a master musician/composer met Push for the first time. So we sent a pre-release version of Push to Jordan Rudess and gave him week to learn it before our camera crew appeared at his front door. We set up a video shoot –in his technology filled music room– and set the stage to let Jordan share his experience and expertise in creating and performing with Push.

What most people don't know about Jordan is that he dedicates a lot of his energy to education. It’s important to him, and that’s why his teaching skills come across so clearly as he shares his music-making genius and technological chops while interacting with Push.

Jordan first takes you through track construction, building beats, chords and leads. He explains music techniques you can deploy to help you get the most out of Push's interface. He then dives into fingering techniques you can practice to help you get the most out of Push's touch-sensitive keypads. As he continues to build his track, Jordan generously shares precious musical tips learned from years of experience in the studio making records and on the road.

Watching a masterclass on Ableton's Push led by a maestro like Jordan Rudess is an event that must not be missed. So sit back and see how to take your Ableton Live music-making to a whole new level with Ableton's incredible new instrument: Push.

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