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Premiere Pro CS6 100The Premiere Pro Workflow Product Image

Premiere Pro CS6 100

The Premiere Pro Workflow

Michael Wohl 15 videos 57 minutes

Join nonlinear editing guru Michael Wohl as he zooms in on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and shows why Premiere is fast becoming the go-to software for professional editors worldwide...

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Course Reviews

“Really well done. Just watched every video in this course and didn't feel overwhelmed and learned heaps. The trainer explains everything really well so very happy with it all.”

— Paula

“Great starter course! This course covers enough info to start editing video and audio with basic transitions.”


Status: Available | Released: Nov 19th, 2012
In this FREE introductory course, industry pro Michael Wohl introduces you to the powerful Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 workflow. Michael first explains the Premiere Pro user interface. Next, he’s off to creating a new project where you’ll learn all about creating sequences and matching your sequence's settings to your source clips.

The following sections explore the basics of Premiere Pro’s editing tools.
Michael shows you the basics of locating and auditioning source material, editing clips and then fine-tuning them in the timeline. This is followed by an introduction to Premiere's basic transitions and video effects. Once you have these techniques under your belt, you’ll bring it all together with some audio editing and exporting.

This course serves as an introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro. For more in-depth details, there are 8 more Michael Wohl led courses in this series and under his excellent guidance you’ll soon be fully immersed in the powerful world of Premiere Pro!

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