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Matt Vanacoro 20 videos 70 minutes

Apple’s Pages is a full-fledged desktop publishing app with lots of power under the hood. Join Apple expert Matt Vanacoro in this Pages Advanced course, and take your desktop publishing skills to the next level.

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Course Reviews

“Great job Matt. You have given me a few extra tidbits to take with me. I like the fake comedian picture. He looks better with hair though lol.”

— The Chosen One

“Thank you Matt, much appreciated. You've taught me a few things I didn't know but will really help!”

— Michael Kelly

Status: Available | Released: May 11th, 2017
Apple Pages is just a basic word processor, right? Wrong! It’s full of advanced features to help you create dynamic content quickly and efficiently. In this course, productivity expert Matt Vanacoro reveals Page's tools for formatting, editing, exporting and securing your documents, all while making them more attractive and interactive.

Matt starts the course by showing you important timesaving tips such as working with templates, formatting long documents, and using the comment system.
Next, you learn how to work efficiently with all types of media, and you even discover Photoshop-like features for editing photos right from Pages. From there, you’re introduced to advanced publishing and formatting features for working with objects, rulers, table of contents, exporting to ePub and more. Matt wraps up the course by sharing his top 5 favorite tips and tricks that are guaranteed to enhance your productivity.

So join Apple expert Matt Vanacoro in this 20-tutorial advanced course, and prepare to turbocharge your Pages skills to the next level!

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