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Orchestration 302The MIDI Orchestra - Designing Templates Product Image

Orchestration 302

The MIDI Orchestra - Designing Templates

Peter Schwartz 29 videos 143 minutes

You need an orchestra to play orchestral music. Likewise, you need an orchestral template to play a MIDI orchestral score. This course, by Peter Schwartz, explains the technology and the craft behind designing pro orchestral templates.

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Course Reviews

“I've found this course very Clear and Professional!!! After several months looking for a course on how manage a virtual orchesta I found it!”

— Luigi

“Just fabulous. I wish I'd taken the time to watch this as soon as it came out. I've been struggling with under-powered sequencers crashing with big templates for a long time, and never knew about VE...”

— Joe Plummer

Status: Available | Released: Apr 14th, 2015
As a follow-up to Peter’s popular "Enhancing Realism" course, "Designing Templates" shows you everything you need to know to construct your own orchestral templates. You learn about sampling technology and how it works, as well as how to optimize your hardware (and software) to get the most out of your MIDI orchestra. Then, Peter dives into the plugins, including East West, Native Instruments and more, explaining the ins and outs of multi-timbral and multi-output setups. With that knowledge well in hand, Peter gives you all the tools and tips you need to construct an orchestral template that’ll work perfectly with your specific hardware and software.

Next, you learn all about the power of Vienna Ensemble Pro and how it’ll become the center of your MIDI orchestra universe. Finally, this course concludes with an important section explaining how to setup orchestral slave systems, which in the world of scoring, is the solution of choice to harness the power needed to achieve the ultimate MIDI orchestral solution.

Completing this course gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to setup the orchestral template that you’ve always dreamed of. And, once you’ve got your template up and running, you can then, finally, concentrate less on the technology and focus more on composing your music. So whether you're creating music for games, TV, film or live performance, you will know that your personal orchestra is standing by, ready to go, awaiting every wave of your virtual baton!
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