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Native Instruments 212Skanner XT Product Image

Native Instruments 212

Skanner XT

G.W. Childs IV 33 videos 95 minutes

Learn how to morph, mangle and modulate your samples in Native Instruments Skanner XT with G.W. Childs as he takes you deep inside this amazing new virtual synthesizer...

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Course Reviews

“Really nice overview of Native Instruments unique sound generator 'Skanner XT' by G.W. Childs IV. I would definitely recommend this one if you want to create some warped sounds and textures. ”

— Paul

“Sound design, Native Instruments has some very powerful tools, G.W. Childs IV one that proved this fact to me in this insightful tutorial.”

— Ren

Status: Available | Released: Sep 14th, 2012
Imagine scanning through audio samples using audio waves as your modulator. That’s what Skanner XT does best! Low frequencies create scratching FX. High frequencies create unbelievably complicated waveforms. But that’s just the surface of this incredible virtual synth. With MPV trainer G.W. Childs as your guide, you'll dive deep beneath the faceplate to get a truly unique look this virtual instrument's approach to sonic rebirth.

It all begins with a tour of Skanner XT's user interface, with its color-coded knobs and sliders. Here you’ll quickly learn the signal flow relationships between the various controls located on the front panel. G.W. then explains the Morpher, Global LFO, and the Oscillators. From there he opens the "secret door" that reveals the powerful, undisclosed secret B Panel where all kinds of crazy stuff happens!

What makes this course so powerful is how G.W. takes you on a sound design journey where he shows you how to create Leads, Bass, Pads and al kinds of awesome effects patches explaining his design concepts all along he way!

So sit back back and enjoy this amazing HD course and see how Skanner will change the way you look at sound design and synthesis! And once your finished Skanning, be sure to check out the world’s largest selection of Native Instruments courses below:
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