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Maschine 2.0 301Production Tips and Tricks Product Image

Maschine 2.0 301

Production Tips and Tricks

The Sound Tutor 23 videos 122 minutes

Liam O’Mullane (a.k.a.The Sound Tutor) is back with some power-user tips and tricks for Native Instruments’ Maschine. So power-up your Maschine production chops with this expert 23-tutorial course!

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Course Reviews

“enjoyed this course on tip & tricks, the Emulating DJ Scratch sounds was awesome and very helpful”

— T2C

“Although some explanations were kinda confusing, I really enjoyed the video. The Sound Tutor really opened my mind to the capabilities of Maschine and made me look at it in a totally different way. He...”

— KHz

Status: Available | Released: Feb 3rd, 2015
Native Instruments Maschine is the premiere hardware/software hybrid, live performance, production tool in the electronic music universe. Mastering its many controls, performance options and sonic possibilities can be a daunting task, unless... you’ve got a great instructor like electronic music producer Liam O’Mullane.

In this deep "Tips and Tricks" course, Liam opens up his ultra-secret Maschine playbook as he divulges some of his favorite performance/production techniques.
You learn how to create authentic breakbeats along with an abundance of other rhythm track, bass, pad and cool ambience effects. There's also a very deep collection of videos that zoom in on creating your own, powerful samples including some cool discordant sounds to awesome 8-bit arpeggiated masterpieces. Then, Liam shares some of his sample manipulation tips where you see how to time-stretch, stutter-edit and scratch.

When you complete this Maschine Productions Tips and Tricks course, you will know a lot more about Native Instruments’ Maschine AND you’ll have a new collection of techniques that’ll soon be propagating throughout your productions! So learn more about Maschine from the one of the best: Liam O’Mullane.

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