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Logic Pro FastTrack 106Logic's Library Explained Product Image

Logic Pro FastTrack 106

Logic's Library Explained

Booker Edwards Jr. 12 videos 72 minutes

Logic Pro X’s Library never seems to sit still! It’s often on the move and changing what it displays and that can be confusing! Join Booker Edwards in this FastTrack™ course and get the inside info on how the Library really works!

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Course Reviews

“Thanks Booker for creating this great video tutorial about the Library Browser. The Library is definitely one of those underrated features in Logic that needs more attention. It is packed with tons of...”

— Edgar Rothermich

“Good course that I would recomend for beginners & also for people like myself who hardly ever read the manual which results in missing useful functions that you should have been aware off.”

— Dv8ter

Status: Available | Released: Aug 23rd, 2016
Logic Pro X’s “adaptive” Library is incredibly powerful if you know how to use it. It often depends upon what slot is selected on the channel strip and what kind of track is being deployed. In this course, by Logic expert Booker Edwards, you learn all the ins-and-outs of this ever-changing Library.

After a very enlightening introduction, Booker demystifies all the different library “shelves”: Software Instrument, Audio, Drummer and more.
Then there’s the concept of Patch Merging and the difference between Presets, Patches and Track Stack patches. As a matter of fact, just writing this description makes me want to watch this course again to better understand the power in Logic’s Library!

So take control of Logic’s Library and make your Logic workflow smoother in this laser-focused FastTrack™ course!

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