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Logic Pro X 10.3What's New in Logic Pro X 10.3 Product Image

Logic Pro X 10.3

What's New in Logic Pro X 10.3

Steve Horelick 9 videos 22 minutes

Logic Pro X 10.3 is here and so is Steve H with a detailed look at what's new. Our friends at Apple have been busy creating all kinds of cool features. So see what's new in Apple's LPX 10.3 in this FREE, laser-focussed course!

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Course Reviews

“It's been a while but I've watched this for a second time now and some good reminder's of the what Logic has to offer I tend to lean on now rather than then.”

— Sound of Sine

“As always, well presented and easy to understand. Thanks, Steve!”

— Jonathan

Status: Available | Released: Jan 18th, 2017
It's mid-January and to us Logic Pro users that means one thing: A new version of our favorite DAW is here and this release has some really great new features! Steve H, our veteran Logic expert (and publisher/partner of our company) is here with a detailed look at some of the big and exciting additions:

-Track Alternatives
-Sidechaining Instrument Tracks
-Flatter/lighter interface
-New region editing graphics
-MIDI FX mapping directly to FX and Instrument plugins
-Selection-based processing of audio regions
-Horizontal auto-zoom
-256 busses
-Real stereo panning
-64 bit summing
-Touch Bar support
-GarageBand tracking

So see What's New in Logic Pro X 10.
3 with Steve H and get ready to explore and produce with its cool new features. And most of all: Continue making great music with Logic Pro!

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