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Logic Pro X 410The ART of House Music  Product Image

Logic Pro X 410

The ART of House Music

Olav Basoski 15 videos 68 minutes

If you use Apple's Logic Pro X and produce House Music or any kind of EDM then this course is for you. Learn pro techniques with legendary producer Olav Basoski and get instant musical inspiration to fuel your next house track!

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Course Reviews

“For someone not so familiar with house music, this is a fantastic course on how to build a slamming track in a short time. Along the way, the instructor gives great tips on instrument placement, side-...”

— cosmkcomik

“It's always a pleasure watching Olav work. He is a master of house music and an expert in mixing, audio, production, and DAWs (Logic in this video.) In this course, he walks one through the constructi...”

— nycnyc

Status: Available | Released: Aug 16th, 2017
House music is what started it all, and after all those years, it’s still as big as ever. Want to discover how it’s done? There’s no better way to learn than to see a pro create a track right before your eyes… and that’s exactly what top producer Olav Basoski does in this course.

Using Logic Pro X exclusively, Olav starts with the all-important kick drum, and ends up creating a complete track in real time.
Watch and learn as he adds hi-hats, clap, percussion, and all kinds of subtle elements to turn a basic beat into a really good groove. In his own entertaining way, Olav shows you how to add a deep bassline, electric and acoustic pianos, vocal samples, and how to process everything to get a great mix. The course concludes with a section where Olav reveals tips to help you better organize and arrange your tracks.

So sit back, and learn the Art of House Music from one of the best educators on the planet: the one and only Olav Basoski!

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