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Logic Pro X 204Sculpture Sound Design Workshop Product Image

Logic Pro X 204

Sculpture Sound Design Workshop

Rishabh Rajan 20 videos 99 minutes

With Logic Pro X’s Sculpture you can create just about any kind of sound imaginable. Learn how to synthesize all kinds of cool instruments in this sound design course by one of our favorite synthesists, Rishabh Rajan.

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Course Reviews

“That was a great workshop. Good job Rishabh...”

— Chris Sena

“Another excellent synthesis course by Rishabh Rajan, this time he unveils the power and versatility of Logic's Sculpture acoustic modelling synthesiser. After watching these tutorials I will definit...”

— Paul

Status: Available | Released: Nov 26th, 2014
Once you’ve learned all the programming secrets revealed in Steve H’s classic Logic Pro course Synthesis With Sculpture it is time to dive into some detailed sound design in this course by Rishabh Rajan. It is here that you learn to implement Sculpture’s powerful tools to create all kinds of original sounds from guitars to undulating, morphing pads.

Rishabh takes you through all the sonic possibilities of Sculpture’s sonic palette while, at the same time, explaining the physics behind instrumental sound design. You learn how to make basses, harmonics, harps, marimbas, gamelans, organs, percussion, sitars and other more synthetic instruments that limited only by your imagination.

By the time you finish this course you will be ready to dive into Sculpture’s deep musical toolbox to begin building your own orchestra of physically-modeled instruments. So join Rishabh and begin learning all about sound design in Logic Pro X’s Sculpture.

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