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Logic Pro FastTrack 113Vintage Electric Piano Product Image

Logic Pro FastTrack 113

Vintage Electric Piano

Booker Edwards Jr. 13 videos 56 minutes

Logic Pro's Vintage Electric Piano allows you to dive in and modify every aspect of its digital model. Learn how to roll your own virtual electro-acoustic sounds in this laser-focused FastTrack™ course by Logic expert Booker Edwards.

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“Excellent content, pacing, and instructor. Highly recommended!”

— Robert

Status: Available | Released: Dec 13th, 2016
The Vintage Electric Piano, with its enhanced GUI and sonics, is just waiting for you to dive in and design your own piano sounds. Whether you're trying to achieve vintage realism or you're looking to create an expressive new electro-acoustic sound source for your dance music tracks, this course will open your eyes to the possibilities that this instrument brings to the Logic Pro experience.

Back in the days of analog, when electric pianos were the state of the art, the great players spent a lot of time and money modifying their instruments to achieve a sound that was uniquely their own. They'd adjust the tines and/or tuning and tweak the distortion chorus effects to get the sound just right. They also built their own custom pre-amps and tone-altering electronics to get the punch they were looking for in the studio and on the stage. Now you can too because the controls are all there. You've just got to learn how to use them in this Booker Edwards FastTrack™ course. So master the Vintage Electric Piano now!

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