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Logic Pro FastTrack 111

The Delay/Reverb Plugins

Joe Albano 12 videos 76 minutes

Logic’s Delay and Reverb plugins are some of the most essential plugins in the Logic Pro library. Joe Albano is here with this in-depth FastTrack™ course to explain and explore them. Check it out and get learning... FAST!

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Course Reviews

“Very informative and logically presented. A well thought through course that has helped me to understand the different aspects of reverb and the uses for each. I feel much more confident when reachin...”

— Rodders

“I absolutely love the way that Joe breaks down and explains each feature of Logics delay and reverb effects! Far more possibilities now after having a good understanding of its capabilities!”

— Bart

Status: Available | Released: Nov 2nd, 2016
This FastTrack™ course, by Logic Pro expert Joe Albano, is all about Logic’s amazing array of time-based plugins. All the various delays and reverbs have their own interfaces, algorithms and intricacies which Joe explains and demonstrates. You see how they work, why they sound the way they do and how to best use them as you track, mix and master!

Why does the Tape Delay sound so different than the Stereo Delay.
What's the difference between Space Designer and the classic SilverVerb? What is convolution reverb and what makes it the "go-to" reverb in certain audio situations. All these questions and more are answered in this 12-tutorial FastTrack™ course.

So join engineer Joe Albano and get the inside info on Logic Pro X’s Delay and Reverb plugins now!

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