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Logic Pro FastTrack 105The Global Tracks Product Image

Logic Pro FastTrack 105

The Global Tracks

Booker Edwards Jr. 13 videos 87 minutes

Global tracks rock! They energize production workflows and unleash a world of Logic Pro X musical power! Watch this laser-focused FastTrack™ course, by Booker Edwards, and go Global, FAST!

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Course Reviews

“After viewing this course I realised that my understanding of the global tracks was sadly lacking & the effect of its use on apple loops on key & tempo should be understood & set when ever you start a...”

— Dv8ter

“This course from Booker Edwards Jr. explained the Global Tracks of Logic Pro in a clear, personable and intelligent way. I devoured the whole course in one sitting and did not feel fatigued by the ins...”

— david batchelor

Status: Available | Released: Jul 12th, 2016
If you use Drummer, then the Global Arrangement track is your best friend. If you score video, the Global tracks are essential. If fact, everything you do in Logic Pro is enhanced by the immense power packed into the Global tracks! That’s why we asked Logic expert, Booker Edwards, to zoom in on them in this FastTrack™ course.

Did you know that there are seven Global tracks? That’s right, seven!

Here they are:
- Arrangement
- Marker
- Movie
- Signature
- Transposition
- Tempo
- Beat Mapping

Every one of them packs a panoply of hidden potential.
We promise that learning how to use them ALL, is an essential ingredient in transforming yourself into a Logic Pro power user. So learn the Global tracks in Apple’s Logic Pro in this FastTrack™ course by the Atlanta Logic Trainer, Booker Edwards! Read More...

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