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Logic Pro FastTrack 104Logic's Compressors Product Image

Logic Pro FastTrack 104

Logic's Compressors

Joe Albano 11 videos 61 minutes

Logic comes with a complete set of killer compressors. They’ve been re-skinned with many new added features. In this focused, FastTrack™ course Joe Albano explains them all! Learn every inch of Logic’s bundled compressors… FAST!

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Course Reviews

“This tutorial and instructor are as good as it gets for learning about Logic's intimidating array of Compressors, not to mention the history and fundamental concepts of compression. I go out of my way...”

— Robert

“I love Joe's teaching style. The best instructor I've found yet on the many Logic courses taken. He is brief, to the point, well organized, adds relevant and useful tips as well as how and why informa...”

— Jonathan

Status: Available | Released: Jul 5th, 2016
Joe Albano is the perfect trainer to explain and explore the ins-and-outs of Logic Pro’s family of compressors. In this laser-focussed FastTrack™ course, he divulges the inside info about which world class compressors they’re modelled after and then shows you how to best deploy them!

You learn every knob, button and meter that these Logic-only plugins have, on their newly redesigned faceplates.
And along the way, you get a really solid primer on compression, side-chaining and even limiting techniques.

This course covers:
- Vintage Opto
- Studio FET
- Vintage FET
- Classic VCA
- Studio VCA
- Limiter
- Adaptive Limiter

So dive into Logic Pro’s world of compression, with Joe Albano, and soon you’ll be making these retooled, bundled plugins your go-to dynamic processors on all of your Logic tracks. Also be sure to check out all of our Logic in-depth and Logic FastTrack™ courses in our ever-expanding library!

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