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Logic Pro FastTrack 102


Booker Edwards Jr. 17 videos 95 minutes

Dive into Logic's realtime MIDI FX with Booker Edwards and, in the FastTrack™ way, quickly learn what these powerful FX can really do. Then, download the bonus Logic project and try them out for yourself!

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Course Reviews

“Nice course, very useful to understand the midi Fx in Logic Pro x. Lots of details and many examples that cover many topics. Nice the final workshop. Good jiob! ”

— Vaan

“This course gives you a good understanding of how to use and where to use the midi plug ins in Logic. So much easier than reading the manual.”

— Dv8ter

Status: Available | Released: Jun 9th, 2016
When Logic Pro X introduced the realtime MIDI FX, everyone naturally gravitated to the Arpeggiator and we were the first training company to dedicate a whole course to that awesome and powerful device. However, there are a bunch of other MIDI FX available in the channel strip that will add a ton of creativity and control to your productions and that 's what this FastTrack™ course lasers in on! Then, be sure to watch the 4 bonus tutorials at the end of the course and download the Logic Pro resource file to see some of the coolest MIDI magic that the MIDI FX can do!

Learn about the:
-Chord Trigger
-Note Repeater
-Velocity Processor
-Arpeggiator (there's a whole, separate course on this one already in the library!)

So join Logic Pro Certified trainer Booker Edwards in this FastTrack™ course as he completely demystifies, explains and unleashes all the MIDI goodness that these built-in Logic Pro MIDI plugins can conjure up!

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