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Logic Pro X 108Flexing Vocals: Time and Pitch Product Image

Logic Pro X 108

Flexing Vocals: Time and Pitch

David Earl 19 videos 70 minutes

Logic Pro X adds a new "Flex Pitch" feature that lets you tweak vocals to make a perfect recording. It's a cool new addition to Flex Time— and David Earl dishes out its secrets in this new Flex Vocals Course.

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Course Reviews

“Outstanding tutorial and instructor with great coverage of fundamental concepts and operation as well as creative uses. Highly recommended!”

— Robert

“This course really simplifies this powerful tool! I was looking at other stand alone programs to perform these functions and was pleasantly shocked to learn that I already had this ability within Log...”

— Steven Frisch

Status: Available | Released: Jul 16th, 2013
David Earl is a Logic Guru. Even Apple calls on him for his incredible Logic expertise. When we need a course for something as complex as Flexing Vocals: Time and Pitch, we know exactly who to turn to…

One of the hottest features of Logic Pro X, Flex Pitch, lets you correct pitch and level issues in your tracks. Focusing on how to use Flex Pitch with vocals, this course starts with a history of pitch correction in Logic.
Next, you learn how to identify problem areas with your vocals, and correct the singer's pitch, gain, and formants.

Once you're comfortable with Flex Pitch and its functions, the course demonstrates useful vocal concepts like doubling vocals, creating harmonies and creative Pitch Drift techniques. There's a lot to learn… click a preview video to begin!

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