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iPhone Tips 101

20 iPhone Secrets Revealed

Matt Vanacoro 21 videos 37 minutes

Apple’s iPhone has hundreds (maybe thousands) of secret or hidden features. In this classified course, trainer Matt Vanacoro unveils some of his favorites. Check them out, but please keep them confidential!

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Course Reviews

“Nice course, with many news about the iPhone, some of them very useful. Lot of examples, very clear explanation. Good job!”

— Vaan

“Great tips! The iPhone is even more versatile than I realized. A lot of topics I was only vaguely familiar with came to light in these excellent short videos. Cheers!”

— Kyle Preston

Status: Available | Released: Jan 5th, 2016
The iPhone is like a mystery waiting to be solved. It has a feature list that enables users to completely customize, optimize and personalize their iPhone experience. Unfortunately, many of these cool functions are not so easy to find... Until now!

For instance, did you know that the iPhone lets you create your own vibration patterns? These allow you to feel the “vibes” in silent mode and assign them to different types of notifications.
Ever think about correcting Siri? You can and she learns! You can also zoom and pan across hard-to-read text with just a simple touch. What about speed charging, or blocking all those unwanted sales calls?

These and many more cool features are built right into the iPhone's OS and this course teaches you how to find and unlock them! So join Apple expert Matt Vanacoro to see these and many more hidden, secret iPhone features in this classified 20-tutorial course.

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