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InDesign CC & CS6 103Working With Color Product Image

InDesign CC & CS6 103

Working With Color

Mark Gatter 20 videos 60 minutes

Learn the art and science of color using InDesign with Adobe Certified Instructor Mark Gatter in this multi-tutorial InDesign course: Working With Color...

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Course Reviews

“Plenty of useful info on general layout, layers and colors to avoid making those time-consuming mistakes. I wish i had seen this course before.... ;) Again: recommended stuff!”

— Mark L74

“Lots of great tips and tricks from Mark in this one! A little bit of history from the print industry is just enough to bring understanding around to a workable level, as well. Keep up the good work!”

— liferotp

Status: Available | Released: Jul 16th, 2012
With Adobe Certified Expert trainer Mark Gatter at your side, you’ll learn ingenious solutions to common color printing problems, without having to go through the trial and error yourself! In addition to his software expertise, Mark brings his extensive commercial printing background to bear and offers you genuinely useful tips on how to work optimally with colors. These tips will certainly keep your print jobs on budget, on time and hassle-free!

Mark covers everything from the somewhat cryptic “registration” and “paper” colors built in to InDesign right down to creating your own “warm” and “cool” black colors. These “custom blacks” will serve to pump up your basic default black color to avoid streaks but without exceeding the ink limit on offset printing presses.

No course on color is complete without a discussion of Pantone colors. Mark’s excellent advice on working with Pantone colors and converting them to CMYK colors when needed will help you save significant amounts of time and money on your commercial “four color” printing jobs.

To round things off, Mark packs in the added value by giving you an in-depth look at both the mechanics of InDesign’s all-important layer system, but also the object hierarchy within individual layers. He then ties it in with the “color” theme by showing you how to color code your layers beyond what comes with InDesign by default.

By the end of this value-packed course, you’ll have new but “tried and true” industry pro color tips and tricks under your belt that you can immediately apply to your real-world print jobs!

Watch this and all of the info-packed tutorials in our ever-expanding library of InDesign courses below:

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