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iMovie 103

Trimming, Titles, Transitions & Trailers

Michael Wohl 30 videos 90 minutes

In this iMovie course, Michael Wohl focusses on the techniques that give “your” iMovie that professional, refined look and feel. See how to fine tune, polish and add those finishing touches to add pizzazz your production.

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Course Reviews

“This is a solid video in the iMovie tutorial series. After watching this and the intro video I was able to put together a simplistic film score showreel. ”

— Pecchan

“I am really enjoying the courses. I appreciate the great job you have done laying out and presenting the courses. Very motivating. Thank you!”

— Dave P

Status: Available | Released: Nov 13th, 2013
The first half of this course is all about clips. You already know how to cut them, so now you going to learn about the cool ways you can connect them! See how connected clips save you time and help you with the all important story telling process. Next you learn how to replace clips, swap them and exchange them. From there Michael gives his “take” on the Clip Trimmer and the Precision Editor where those subtle yet powerful micro edits are made.

The second half of this course is about transitions, text and still images. Here you see and learn to use all the transition effects built right into iMovie. From wipes to peels to dissolves, MIchael explains how these transitions are deployed and when to use them. Text is next! In this collection of tutorials you learn how to add text, create titles, credits and work with iMovies exclusive Themes.

The concluding section of this info-packed course starts off focussing on incorporating photographic stills into your movies. You learn how to animate, crop and create backgrounds from any image in your library. And finally, once your iMovie is finished, it’s time to create a cool trailer and share your latest production with the world.

Michael Wohl makes learning iMovie fun!
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