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GarageBand 301Make EDM Product Image

GarageBand 301

Make EDM

Rishabh Rajan 23 videos 98 minutes

GarageBand with its array of powerful synths, Drummer and MIDI tools is a great DAW for EDM production. Learn EDM and GarageBand at the same time in this 23-tutorial course by producer Rishabh Rajan!

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Course Reviews

“This course is simply wonderful! Ok, for the courses which explain all the features that a software has but it's another thing to learn those features in a "near" real workflow when you understand how...”

— Giuseppe

“Being a novice to producing e-music i found this course really well explained and very interesting. After watching it twice, i feel confident now to start making my own music. A big thank you to mr. R...”

— Vera

Status: Available | Released: Aug 6th, 2015
Logic Pro X’s little brother is a pretty powerful DAW in its own right. This “in-action” course is designed to show you how to use all of GarageBand’s cool, built-in synths, drums and MIDI tools to build a powerful, club-ready, dance music track.

Producer Rishabh Rajan explains how to build Intros, Risers, Drops, Leads, Breakdowns, Bass parts and more.
All the while, he explains all of GarageBand’s EDM features that will help you achieve professional-sounding dance music tracks!

So boot-up GarageBand and start applying the techniques you learn in this course to build your own EDM tracks. Then, if you want, open those tracks in Logic Pro X and put on the finishing touches! Learn everything you need to produce EDM in GarageBand and in Logic Pro X right here at the world’s largest, professional audio tutorial library!

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