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Final Cut Pro FastTrack 201Pro Audio Techniques Product Image

Final Cut Pro FastTrack 201

Pro Audio Techniques

Ben Balser 18 videos 57 minutes

Knowing how to edit audio is one of the most important skill video editors need to learn. In these 20-tutorial FastTrack™ course, Apple Certified Ben Balser covers professional workflows to help you deal with all sorts of audio issues.

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Course Reviews

“an absolute-essential when it comes to digging deep into FCP's audio-capabilities. ben does a great job explaining things in a somewhat brisk but unhurried manner...which is great for me as i prefer t...”

— mancalledclay

Status: Available | Released: Apr 13th, 2017
In filmmaking, sound is as important as visuals… if not more! You’ve got to learn to mix three essential ingredients: dialogues, effects and music. Luckily, Final Cut Pro X offers lots of audio features to get the job done!

Ben starts this FastTrack™ course by sharing time-saving strategies to help you organize your audio content. Next, he dives deep into audio editing, where you learn about working in the clip and project timelines, how to trim audio using roll edits, and the different ways to separate audio and video.
Then, you see and hear dialogue and music mixing in action using keyframes, and you also discover the importance of Compound Clips when mixing and mastering audio. From there, Ben shows you how to fix problems and improve your audio using Final Cut’s built-in EQ, Compressor and Limiter effects. The course closes by looking at exporting stems, XML and Multitrack files, and how to transfer data between Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro.

So join Apple Certified Trainer Ben Balser in this info-packed FastTrack™ course , and learn tips and tricks that will improve your audio editing workflow... fast!

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