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EastWest 101

Learn The PLAY Engine

David Earl 25 videos 120 minutes

EastWest’s world class sample libraries all share the PLAY engine technology. Watch this course to understand how you can get the most bang out of your EastWest sample libraries.

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Course Reviews

“Another great tutorial by David Earl. Now that EW offers ComposerCloud, although I've bought individual libraries over the years, I'm excited to have access to all of the gold-level instruments, prima...”

— Craig Koller

“This is super informative and really helped with some of the big questions I had, like how on earth am I going to learn what articulations to use and how to use them in a DAW and how to set up a templ...”

— David

Status: Available | Released: Jun 15th, 2015
Getting the most out of your EastWest libraries requires you to really understand how to use and optimize PLAY. Composer David Earl uses the EastWest sample libraries in all of his productions from songs to games. That’s why we consider him our go-to trainer for everything EastWest! In this course, you learn all of the ins and outs of the PLAY engine technology from your initial setup to various optimizations and workflows for all kinds of productions and DAWs.

This course begins with a section on how the PLAY engine works. You learn all about the various settings, preferences, menus, speed options, the GUIs, the mixer, the player and how all the EastWest content is addressed. The next sections dive into the details of setting up templates for all kinds of different pro workflows. You learn about multi-timbral, standalone, 3rd party router options, Soundflower and more. From there, this course expands into more advanced workflow-based scenarios exploring various pro setups in Logic Pro X, Pro Tools and Ableton Live.

The last section in this PLAY course is dedicated to your understanding of articulations. It explores everything including keyswitching, crossfading, DXF, Elements, Performances and the use of common FX. By completing this course you will have the knowledge and ability to get the most out of your collection of EastWest sample libraries!

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