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Dance Music Masters 105Olav Basoski | Remix Revelations Product Image

Dance Music Masters 105

Olav Basoski | Remix Revelations

Olav Basoski 21 videos 94 minutes

Join legendary electronic music producer Olav Basoski as he reconstructs the tracks from “Duende” –one of his dance music hits!

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Course Reviews

“I started watching this series expecting it to be about remixing (after all, it's called Remix Revelations), but I was hoping to pick up some insights on building a track in general. I was glad to fin...”

— Groovizm

Status: Available | Released: Nov 2nd, 2015
When we listen to music we are often swept away by the visceral experience. And, as a consumer of music, that’s really what it’s all about! However, as professionals and creators of music we must listen deeper and analyze how and why great music does what it does. That’s why, when a pro like Olav Basoski opens up his tracks to us, it’s time to listen up!

So how does he get his awesome sound? Well, sit back and see, because in this course –Remix Revelations– Olav takes you through both his creative and technical processes.
From creating beats and basses to guitars, synths, risers and sweeps, Olav breaks down every track and then puts them back together again. And, during this process, you get a valuable insight into the inner workings of how great electronic music is made.

With unlimited tracks and tons of virtual instruments and effects, it’s easy to make electronic music productions way too complicated, busy and muddled. However, Olav always achieves a breathless clarity in his tracks that is rare and, at times, astonishing. Thankfully, and to our benefit, he generously shares his time-proven production secrets with us in this exclusive course.

So sit back and immerse yourself in these electronic music "Remix Revelations" from one of the best!

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