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Dance Music Masters 106Noah Pred | Harnessing Chaos Product Image

Dance Music Masters 106

Noah Pred | Harnessing Chaos

Noah Pred 21 videos 119 minutes

Inspiration is often born out of chaos. In this course, by electronic artist Noah Pred, you learn how to control chaos using devices in Ableton Live along with Reaktor and Synplant to infuse some inspiring randomness into your tracks.

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Course Reviews

“Good ideas shared for inspiration et la oblique strategies. I would have given 5 stars, but I felt course could have gone deeper into the concept had the time not been spent dwelling on specifics.”

— Caley

“This was the best tutorial I watched so far. I like the idea of working with organized chaos. I need to make a lot of music for corporate movies and sometimes it's hard to find some good inspiration. ...”

— harnessing chaos

Status: Available | Released: Nov 1st, 2015
Noah Pred is a master of electronic music. He is also an experienced Ableton Live Certified Trainer. In this course, he takes you on a journey into his creative inner sanctum where he shows you how many of his electronic musical ideas are generated, manipulated and transformed by a cool array of random-inducing MIDI devices and synths.

Imagine having a collection of random, robotic collaborators that you can enlist to introduce just the right touch of unexpected spice into your tracks.
That's what these devices do! And Noah shows you how he works this kind of controlled chaos into his own music and explains how you can deploy these wonderfully chaotic techniques in yours!

If you like thinking outside the box, and are willing to explore the deep, arcane corners of the creative process, this course is guaranteed to transform the way you compose and perform. But be careful!... because after you watch this course your music may never be the same!

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