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Dance Music Masters 108Tallmen 785 | Voices In Your Head Product Image

Dance Music Masters 108

Tallmen 785 | Voices In Your Head

Brian James Mitchell 23 videos 138 minutes

All composers hear voices in their heads. But how do they get that inspiration out? In this course, electronic artist Brian Mitchell (Tallmen 785), shares the techniques that he uses to explode his music into the dance music world!

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Course Reviews

“I love the EAR series. Very inspirational. I don't have push or maschine, but there was still enough information and tips for me. It made me realize I don't need Maschine, I already have enough plugin...”

— voices

“Excellent...! really good insight into using maschine with the studio controller... filled in a few gaps in my own knowledge... and thats saying a lot considering I've been using studio since it's rel...”

— Thomas Leer

Status: Available | Released: Nov 30th, 2015
Berlin-based electronic music artist Brian Mitchell –A.K.A. Tallmen 785– journeyed far and wide as he developed his original musical language. In this 23-tutorial Electronic Artists Revealed course, he opens the door to his studio sanctum and shows us his unique Maschine-driven workflow as he coaxes his sonic ideas into existence.

It’s really inspiring to watch Brian when he’s deep within his creative process.
We see his ideas emerge. We watch as his inspiration and production techniques seamlessly interweave. It’s evident that he thoroughly enjoys the process of producing his electronic music tracks and... he generously shares that process with us!

So dive into this Dance Music Masters course and Tallmen 785’s electronic music world and experience an educational musical journey as he turns his inspiration into electronic reality.

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