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Dance Music Masters 115Disfunktion | Big Room Product Image

Dance Music Masters 115

Disfunktion | Big Room

Michael Tielemans 21 videos 84 minutes

Michael Tielemans is a true Dance Music Master. His signature, funky sound is loved by fans the world over. In this Dance Music Masters “Big Room” course he opens up his secret production black book and reveals his EDM tips and tricks.

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Status: Available | Released: Jan 5th, 2017
When DJ/Producer Disfunktion, AKA Michael Tielemans, decided to design a course for us, well, we were blown away. His tracks and remixes are simply astounding. See how he produces a funky Big Room track in this exclusive Dance Music Masters course.

You learn about his beat-making workflow… how he chooses and processes his percussion to get the desired effect.
Watch as he explores the world of synths… arranging and processing them to sonic perfection. See how he incorporates guitars and basses into the track to get his signature, funky Big Room sound.

Completing this course will inspire you with all kinds of production ideas that you’ll be dying to try out in your own Dance Music tracks. So before you dive into your next track, make sure you sit yourself down and spend an hour or so devouring the secrets of Big Room production with Disfunktion!

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