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Digital Performer 8 201

MachFive 3 Unleashed

Matt Vanacoro 29 videos 135 minutes

MachFive 3 —MOTU’s massive, mothership of a sampler— is full-featured and very deep! But have no fear because MOTU software consultant Matt Vanacoro is here to demystify it! So get ready to learn MachFive 3 faster than the speed of sound in this inspiring 29-tutorial course!...

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Course Reviews

“Well-paced, this gets to the point in the areas I needed to know. The instructor is knowledgeable, confident and smooth in his explanations. Enjoyed his clever "noodlings" on each instrument - efficie...”

— jdoepke

“Excellent introduction to MachFive5 3, very clear, informative and presented at a good pace. It would be great to get more advance tutorials on sampling and manipulating samples.”

— Apollo

Status: Available | Released: Jan 22nd, 2013
Matt starts off this course on MachFive 3 with an in-depth explanation of everything you need to know to get up and running fast. He introduces MF3, shows the plugin vs. standalone versions, explains the audio and MIDI settings and then pushes the quick start button to get you launched! From there Matt dives into an exploration of the MachFive interface. This is where you’ll master the GUI, learn all about the included instruments and start creating Splits, Multis and Keyswitches.

Now it’s time to do some sampling. In this section you’ll learn how to make your own sample libraries and how to load and manipulate some of the unique sample instruments that are included with MachFive.

What sets MachFive 3 apart from other samplers is its powerful synth engines and effects. In this set of tutorials Matt reveals all the amazing energy that MF3 has locked inside. He explains all the different types of effects that take your samples to a whole other sonic world. He also shows you all the different kinds of synthesis that you can deploy within MF3 to make sonic combinations that you just can’t get anywhere else.

By the time you complete this course you’re going to know more about MachFive 3 than you thought was even possible. And better yet, Matt will have you totally inspired to dive deep below MachFive’s virtual faceplate to find all the wild sounds that lie below its mild-mannered surface.

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