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Dance Music Styles 113Hip Hop Trap Product Image

Dance Music Styles 113

Hip Hop Trap

Booker Edwards Jr. 18 videos 79 minutes

Hip Hop Trap, with its dark and gritty sound, has a very uniquely urban dance music vibe. We tapped the expertise of Atlanta Hip Hop producer Booker Edwards to dive into this Dance Music genre. Check it out!

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Course Reviews

“Thank you Mr.Edwards for creating such a great tutorial on making trap music. I really enjoyed watching and learning the different techniques from beginning to end. One of the best vids out there. The...”

— KHz Wilkerson

“This course lays out the basics of making a trap-style track. However, it does spend a lot of time covering very basic rhythm programming techniques which are pretty much the same whatever style you m...”

— Pecchan

Status: Available | Released: Oct 26th, 2016
Here’s Booker Edwards to take you on a step-by-step journey into the urban world of Hip Hop Trap. He tears this dangerous genre apart exposing its gritty elements and then builds it back up again revealing it in its full dance music glory. Along the way, you learn all about its themes, sound design and songwriting elements. Booker also dives into the urban production techniques where you learn how to recreate the beat patterns, melodies and chord progressions that set this genre apart.

So join dance music producer Booker Edwards with his unique urban take on Hip Hop Trap and be sure to watch every course in our Dance Music Styles series.

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