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Logic Pro X 103

Core Training: Audio Recording and Editing

Jonathan Perl 19 videos 84 minutes

Learn Logic – and see it in action – as Jonathan Perl invites you into his recording session and shows you the power of recording and editing audio in Logic Pro X!

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Course Reviews

“Very good tutorials! Nice to watch Jonathan excellent explanation. Jose Virgil”

— Jose Virgil

“This course is laden with operational fundamentals. Absolutely vital. While content dense, it is well worth the toil. What you reap is what you sow.”

— Robert

Status: Available | Released: Oct 30th, 2013
In this Core Training course, by Logic Pro Master Trainer, professor and über-cool musician Jonathan Perl, you learn all the audio techniques to get you up and recording everything from solo tracks to larger multi-track sessions. However, before you set up all those microphones, you'd better understand how Logic Pro X handles audio!

This course starts out with a detailed look at the Preferences.
You've got to know this stuff before you drive this powerful software! From there Jonathan dives right into recording, where you learn the details about track setup and organizing your takes.

Next up is punching, Autopunch, Take Folders and all kinds of deep tips and techniques to make sure that you are optimizing and enhancing your Logic Pro X recording experience!

Now it's time to edit. Here is where you learn to deploy all of Logic's powerful tools to find, highlight, and cut & paste your audio faster than a Porsche on a straightaway!

So dive in deep and perfect your Logic audio chops under the guidance of Logic expert Jonathan Perl.

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