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Audio Mistakes 105

10 Common Panning Mistakes

Joe Albano 12 videos 62 minutes

Panning is a technique that, when messed up, can ruin an otherwise healthy mix. Don’t fret! Joe Albano is here to explain what NOT to do when when setting up your audio panorama. Let US make the mistakes so YOU won’t have to!

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Course Reviews

“This course is invaluable and covers many finer points about panning and imaging that can go a long way toward improving your audio production skills. There is a lot of information here and the instru...”

— Robert

“This Course with Joe Albano is pretty good and helpful in learning proper Balance & Panning technics and which Mic's may serve you the best in a recording or live situation.”

— T2C

Status: Available | Released: Apr 12th, 2016
Left, right, center? Somewhere in-between? Where’s the best place to put that sound to add clarity and space to your mix? And even more to the point: Why do certain instruments, when panned incorrectly, seem to clog up and diminish the effectiveness of a track? These are the questions that get answered and explained in this Common Panning Mistakes course by expert Joe Albano.

Conversely, when panning and imaging are done with care and understanding, mixes seem to come alive, inviting you into their seductive virtual 3D world! And that’s exactly what this informative course will help you create!

So join up with Joe Albano in this laser-focussed panning and imaging course and learn what to do by learning what NOT to do. We promise, that in less than an hour of study, you will harness the power of panning to add space and excitement to all your future mixes.

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