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Audio Mistakes 10310 Common Reverb/Delay Mistakes Product Image

Audio Mistakes 103

10 Common Reverb/Delay Mistakes

Joe Albano 12 videos 68 minutes

Discover all kinds of time-based reverb, echo and chorusing faux pas to avoid in this blunder-ridden course by audio expert Joe Albano! Grow! Learn! Make Mistakes! Or, better yet, let US make them FOR you.

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Course Reviews

“This is a can't miss course for gaining greater mastery of reverb/delay. The singular instructor Joe Albano guides us through major pitfalls to avoid, all while, and just as importantly, reinforcing o...”

— Robert

“Pretty Good video course with Joe Albano ...really liked the send & returns video and the proper Doubling Video course.”

— T2C

Status: Available | Released: Feb 3rd, 2016
Ever wonder why your mixes aren’t as crisp and clear as the ones you listen to by your favorite artists? One of the reasons might be the way the inherent blurriness of time-based FX like echo and reverb can interfere with an otherwise well-recorded track.

Joe takes you through all kinds of audio “situations” and shows you how to recognize these kinds of mistakes and what you can do to correct them.
You learn all about optimizing reverbs and delays. You see how to set up time-based modulations like chorusing to enhance a track rather than messing it up.

Best of all, this course explains WHY those time-based effects can screw up a mix and how best to use them to enhance the sonic experience. So join audio expert Joe Albano, in this concise, mistake-ridden course and let US make the sonic slip-ups so YOU don’t have too!

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