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Live 9 303

Ableton Live TNT - Tips and Tricks

Brian Cass 46 videos 304 minutes

Get up to 30 minutes of inventive & looped-out Live Tips 'N Tricks (TNT) tutorials each month, delivered by Ableton Live Maestro, Brian Cass.

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Course Reviews

“Solid course, taught me a few new tricks and presented a new take on some known methods. Very clear explanations. Only missing the last star for the pace of the whole thing; the guy talks really slowl...”

— Ian

“I Like this Course Very a lot, because Brian Cass gives some Tipps & Tricks! Thank you MPV!”

— 110dB

Status: Available | Released: Mar 4th, 2013
What are TNTs?

TNTs (tee-en-tees)
Pronunciation: \ˌtē-ˌen-ˈtēs\
-Plural, sometimes referred to as "Tips 'N Tricks."

Function: noun

As Ableton Live users we’re always looking for the best way to get way down into this extraordinary program and learn how to do all the wild stuff that is nestled beneath its minimalist faceplate.
Enter Brian Cass renowned “Live” technologist and performer who, every month for a year, will deliver up to 30 minutes of some of the most extraordinary Ableton Live Tips and Tricks videos you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

Starting October 2010 and running for a full year, Brian will be conjuring up all kinds of original monthly video tips that will help you bulk-up your Ableton arsenal and give you the weaponry to blow your tracks into the next solar system! And every so often the amazing Mr. Cass will bring in some of his star sound design buddies to give you a complete 360 degree look at how and what they're doing with Live.

So sign on now and get a full year of Ableton TNTs delivered to your computer monthly by our super Live trainer, Brian Cass!

(Don’t worry if you sign up late because all of the previous months Ableton Live TNTs will be yours in one big TNT bundle whenever you sign up!)
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