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Live 9 207Hooked on Racks! Product Image

Live 9 207

Hooked on Racks!

Noah Pred 18 videos 66 minutes

Get hooked on racks! Explore Ableton Liveʼs racks with Ableton Live Certified Trainer and Canadaʼs sought-after underground DJ, Noah Pred...

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Course Reviews

“Great tutorials with in-depth explanations of the most important topics covering device racks. Gave me some inspiration for Instrument Racks, and I found out that I was completely misinformed of the p...”

— Loxley Sound

“I watched this course after watching the course on Drum Racks, so it felt like a continuation and I was able to keep up with what the instructor was doing. I know it became rather challenging towards...”

— Hooked on Racks

Status: Available | Released: Mar 4th, 2013
RACKS RAWK! –And nobody knows how to use Liveʼs Racks better than Rack Master Noah Pred. In this advanced Live tutorial, Noah rips into Racks and all the very rad stuff you can do with them.

Youʼll learn all about Instrument and MIDI Racks and all about assigning macros. Noah then explains how to customize Racks by assigning key and velocity zones; but thatʼs just the beginning.
From there Noah takes you through a ton of advanced features where he explains why Multi-Chain MIDI FX with innovative chain selection combined with macros are the way to go! WHEW! If you donʼt understand that last sentence then, like all of us at MPV, youʼve GOT TO WATCH THIS TUTORIAL!

Finally, Noah builds some amazing sound explorations that incorporate parallel audio processing using multi-band and Rack within Rack techniques. This tutorial is required viewing for every Ableton Live user who wants to take Live beyond the presets and develop their own signature production sound! So join ”Rackologist” Noah Pred in this awesome exploration and soon you too will be Hooked On Racks!

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