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10 Killer Simpler Sampler Tips

Thavius Beck 10 videos 65 minutes

When Ableton expert and live performance artist, Thavius Beck, offers up some Simpler Sampler tips, everybody’s got to quiet down and listen! See how Thavius deploys the features of Live’s latest version of Simpler in this FastTrack 10 Tips course!

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Course Reviews

“Very Inspiring, helpful tips to improve your knowledge on simpler techniques”

— Cristian

“This was a great course. Definitely like he said "Ableton is a rabbit hole." He took some approaches to using simpler to create interesting grooves through warping techniques i would never have though...”

— Ian

Status: Available | Released: Apr 28th, 2016
Let’s face it… a sampler is, well, a sampler. It plays back samples! No big deal. It’s how you manipulate those samples, either with animation or in realtime that makes samplers interesting. And that’s the power of the new Simpler. It has a lot more subtlety and control.

To really understand the power of the new Simpler Sampler, you’ve got to see how a performance artist, like our awesome Thavius Beck, uses it! And that's exactly what he does in this 10 Killer Tips course: He shows it in action!

So join Thavius as he shows you his favorite Killer Simpler Sampler Tips.
Feel free to use them and abuse them! Because, we know, that once you hear them, you’ll be incorporating them into your next project or live set! And the best part is… you don’t have to tell anybody where you got them! Read More...

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