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Bitwig Studio 101

Absolute Beginner's Guide

Bitwig Certified Trainer, Thavius Beck, created this course to give newcomers, and even experienced users, an in-depth understanding of how Bitwig Studio really works. Let a Bitwig Certified Trainer show you the way!

Bitwig Studio 101

Creating Your 1st Bitwig Project

In this 31-tutorial course, acclaimed electronic music producer Olav Basoski explains the innovative Bitwig Studio workflow as he builds a track right before your eyes. There’s no better way to learn this DAW than to see pros like Olav do his thing!

Bitwig Studio 102

Effects and Processing Explored

Bitwig Studio is bundled with a wide array of audio effects and processors. This exclusive 19-tutorial course by expert trainer Mo Volans takes you on a detailed tour of these FX explaining how they work and how you can use them in your productions.

Bitwig Studio 103

Instruments and MIDI Explored

Unleash Bitwig’s sonic power in this exclusive 18-tutorial collection. Watch as electronic music expert Mo Volans explains Bitwig Studio’s synths, drum machines and powerful MIDI implementation.

Bitwig Studio 201

The Modulators Explored

The new Modulators in Bitwig Studio 2 make it one of the most powerful and flexible DAWs anywhere. In this exclusive 26-tutorial course, Bitwig Certified Trainer Thavius Beck gives a detailed tour of these amazing new devices!

Bitwig Studio 202

Phase-4 Deconstructed

Bitwig’s Phase-4 utilizes phase distortion and phase modulation synthesis to shape sound in very unique ways. Learn how to get the most out of this four-oscillator synth in this in-depth course by Bitwig Certified Trainer, Thavius Beck!

Bitwig Studio 203

Sampler Deconstructed

Bitwig’s new revamped Sampler is an incredible sound design tool. Dive deep into its sound design capabilities in this course by artist and Bitwig Certified Trainer Thavius Beck!

Bitwig Studio 301

Exploring CVs and MIDI

A big feature introduced in Bitwig Studio 2 is the ability to control external gear via MIDI and CV. This course, by Bitwig Certified Trainer Thavius Beck, shows you how Bitwig Studio 2 can become the pulsing heart of your hardware/software studio!

Bitwig Studio 302

The Grid Explained and Explored

Bitwig Studio 3 introduces an open modular environment called The Grid. Discover the modular sound design possibilities offered by the Poly Grid device in this course by Bitwig certified trainer Thavius Beck!

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What Our Customers Think

Watching Olav demonstrate his work flow has given me a lot of ideals to improve my work flow. The principles can help with any genre of music.


Olav Basoski is the man. Super cool, relaxed, and fun, with a refreshingly non-geeky approach to sequencing/electronic music making. Highly recommended. More from Mr Basoski please.


This is a genuinely informative course. It explains exactly what the plugins do and how to use them effectively. For the amateur, or semi-pro, you will find this practical indeed. Mr Volans has a great teaching style. I was never once bored with this tutorial. Well done, sir.

-Sir William Richard Harrison

Another great tutorial by Mo! Really cuts to the chase... Makes the new features easy to learn along with his enthusiasm to teach! Keep em coming!


Our Trainers Rock

These people move the audio industry, you can't access this level of training anywhere else!

Mo Volans

Mo Volans

Mo Volans is world class musician, writer and music software professional whose creative contributions include original music for TV, film and recordings. His insightful writing is featured in many of the top music technology and pro audio magazines around the world.

Olav Basoski

Olav Basoski

One of the most influential artists in the dance music industry, Olav Basoski has produced hundreds of records for his trend-setting Record Labels: Work Records, Rootz Records, and Samplitude Records.

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