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Making Music With Game Controllers
  • Controllerism 101
  • Making Music With Ga...
  • No Reviews
  • Did you know that joysticks and gamepads can make awesome MIDI controllers? Learn how in this course with “the Godfather of Controllerism", Moldover!
MOLDOVER: Sound Control
  • Live 9 301
  • MOLDOVER: Sound Cont...
  • 9 Reviews
  • In this course – produced at Tekserve in NYC – MOLDOVER takes you deep inside his arsenal of DIY MIDI controllers – and his totally genius Ableton Live 9 performance setup – to show you his unique vision of the present and future of technology and music!

Matt Moldover

Matt Moldover
Hailed by more than million YouTube viewers as "The Godfather of Controllerism", Moldover is a new breed of musical icon that combines rockstar charisma with the mad genius of a basement inventor.


Moldover's success as a producer and performer is built upon his founding and developing the precepts of controllerism.

His mastery of electronic performance ergonomics combined with his sublime songwriting and musical sensibility creates a visceral and visual electronic music experience uniquely his own. Now fuse that with Ableton Live’s ultimately programmable software and it’s perfectly clear: MOLDOVER just plain rocks.

The musical instruments he creates (and markets) are legendary. His multi-player music jamming station "The Octamasher" tours to music festivals, college campuses and private parties, putting controllerism into the hands of everyone. His commercially available performance controller, "The Mojo" combines elements of traditional instruments, DJ hardware and video game controllers, offering unparalleled ergonomic tactility to other serious controllerists. Next on the horizon is a new multiplayer instrument\ called "The SyncoMasher" and a Do-It-Yourself version of Moldover's hacked up performance monster: "The Frankentroller".

He tours and performs his original compositions widely across the US and Europe. He also produces and promotes his own albums. MOLDOVER is dedicated to education and leads Sound Control seminars around the world. He’s truly an emissary, scratch that... ahh, the king of the DIY craze that is threatening the very notion of what a MIDI controller is and could be.

We are thrilled and honored to have (Matt) MOLDOVER as a member of our talented faculty of dedicated authors and trainers!

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