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Ableton Live 9.5

New Features

Live 9.5 is here with a lot of new stuff! The most interesting of which are some Max For Live synths, a new Simpler sampler and the cool filter models. Join Ableton trainer Rishabh Rajan as he takes you on a tour!

Excellent overview of the new synths in Live 9.5 update. Thanks for putting up so soon after the update!

Arthur Spooner (Nov 5, 2015)

course title

Live 9 100

What's New In Live 9

Live 9 is here and so is our FREE “What’s New” course. Hang out with GW Childs and see the cool new features in Ableton’s latest DAW masterpiece...

A very quick way to get familiar with all the new goodies Live 9 has to offer.

Jose A. (Mar 5, 2013)

course title

Live 9 101

Beginner's Guide

This new beginner’s guide –by Ableton expert Bill Burgess– is designed to get every Live newbie up and making tracks fast! So, if you're looking to go Live, start right here, right now with this entertaining and informative course!

Great courses. The way you walk us through is simple yet effective.

DJ Marcuis (Sep 7, 2014)

course title

Live 9 102

Recording Audio and Audio Effects

There's an old audio saying: Garbage in, garbage out. Trash is cool, but sometimes you want that pristine, clean, pure and undistorted audio. This course, by the irrepressible sound artist Bill Burgess, explains the process of how audio is best recorded, resampled and effected in Ableton Live.

Excellent course!! An essential collection of tips and tricks for any Ableton user!

Neil (Feb 9, 2014)

course title

Live 9 103

MIDI Recording and Effects

Bill Burgess is one of the coolest trainers we know. That’s why we said YES when he offered to design this amazing course on MIDI in Ableton Live 9. Bill is an extraordinary teacher who delivers insightful nuggets of music gold. Pay attention and learn!

Bill Burgess is one Cool Dude, He teaches like a friend telling you all the wonderful things he has discovered about music, Great job Bill please keep it going ...Dude..:)

MacPro Rocker (May 13, 2013)

course title

Live 9 104

Exploring The Instruments

This course demystifies Ableton Live’s physically modeled instruments. Join producer Olav Basoski as he shines his synthesist spotlight on these sound generators and brings their vast sonic features into laser focus.

This a great Tutorial and Olav is such an awesome Teacher. It is a pleasure to learn from him.

MacPro Rocker (May 30, 2013)

course title

Live 9 105

Arranging Explored

This course could be called: "Get All The Deepest Super-cool Ableton Live Arranging Tips Ever Assembled!" Seriously, this course – by Bill Burgess – will rock your Ableton Live 9 world!

Once again Mr Bill Burgess takes us on a Marvelous Ableton live 9 journey by directing our attention to all the wonderful sonic wonders, while always stopping for yummy snacks along the way :)

Mac Pro Rocker (Oct 17, 2013)

course title

Live 9 106

Go Live With Live 9

There's a reason why Ableton calls it "Live". Dive into this course and get all the inspiration you need to go live with Live 9...

Wow! Amazing to have a tutorial released simultaneously with the release of the new version of Ableton Live. That's great. Plus, Bill Burgess is fantastic and very inspiring. Thanks!

Pablo (Mar 5, 2013)

course title

Live 9 201

The Simpler Sampler

Have fun learning the basics of sampling using Ableton Live’s Simpler sampler with Ableton-Certified Live Trainer and electronic music performer, Laura Escudè.

Nice tut Laura. You've made the Simpler Sampler even "simpler." :)

Keanan (Jul 14, 2013)

course title

Live 9 202

Live's Effects: Plugged In!

Join Mo Volans as he takes you on an overview of Live’s amazing bundled plug-ins! This tutorial, filled with tons of audio examples, is a treasure-trove of information on how to use and master all of Live's included effects!

Just a brief overview of the Plug-ins. For the beginner!

budleyoo (Jul 2, 2013)

course title

Live 9 203

Live's Sampler: Explored

Ableton Live’s Sampler is extremely powerful. In this hands-on tutorial Dance music performer and sound design expert Olav Basoski shows you how he uses Sampler to create the original sounds that elevate and enhance his productions...

Killer tutorial that also gives some ideas of sound design, like turning a vocal into a bass and/or into a kick drum.

Faint Response (Sep 15, 2013)

course title

Live 9 204

Exploring Drum Racks

Vespers (our Ableton Live robot trainer from the future) has created the hottest, most in-depth tutorial on Ableton Live’s Drum Racks in the universe! If you use Live you’ve got know Drum Racks!

Great Tutorial! Just enough material to really help a beginner, but not so much to be overwhelming.

Alexander Ault (Jun 14, 2013)

course title

Live 9 205

Live DNA!

Just as real DNA is made up of genes, Live’s Clips are the genetic materials that formulate its powerful capabilities. In this 22-video collection you’ll be exposed to the essence of what makes Live tick!

ableton live versatility never ceases to amaze and this course shows that ableton live is designed to help both in studio and live performances. greetings! :)

Vruno (Jul 9, 2013)

course title

Live 9 206

Max For Live FX Explored

Ableton Live comes jam-packed with a ton of factory Max FX and Plugins. What do they do? How do they work and how do you use them? Find out right now in this exploratory course by Gary Hiebner...

Excellent course. Lot's of interesting info o max for live that'll bring you up to speed in no time.

Earwig (Oct 31, 2013)

course title

Live 9 207

Hooked on Racks!

Get hooked on racks! Explore Ableton Liveʼs racks with Ableton Live Certified Trainer and Canadaʼs sought-after underground DJ, Noah Pred...

This was a really helpful series! Racks are super poweful. The chain selector is bliss. The music he was making was actually enjoyable too, which I can't say about all of these.

Jared Driscoll (Jul 14, 2013)

course title

Live 9 301

MOLDOVER: Sound Control

In this course – produced at Tekserve in NYC – MOLDOVER takes you deep inside his arsenal of DIY MIDI controllers – and his totally genius Ableton Live 9 performance setup – to show you his unique vision of the present and future of technology and music!

amazing insights into a live/controller set up definately learnt alot from this, the actual music left quite a bit to be desired but the concept is really well thought out!!!!

illuminati ate my faders (Sep 30, 2013)

course title

Live 9 302

Designing Sounds for Dance Music

House Music Legend Olav Basoski dives deep into his secret sound design techniques to show you how he makes tracks that top the charts and rock the dance floor.

This tutor is very good for those who want to know their sound better. Especially Olav use basic Ableton synth to do introduce the concept of sounds. It means many third party VST can do like that. Thank you this tutorial help me a lot.

Mantle (Oct 18, 2013)

course title

Live 9 303

Ableton Live TNT - Tips and Tricks

Get up to 30 minutes of inventive & looped-out Live Tips 'N Tricks (TNT) tutorials each month, delivered by Ableton Live Maestro, Brian Cass.

wow I need more stars to rate this course, this really open my mind to get new sounds and type of work with ableton, EXTREME RECOMMENDED :)

Vruno (Jul 19, 2013)

course title

Live 9 304

Making Electronic Dance Music

House Music Legend Olav Basoski shows how he uses Ableton Live to make chart topping dance floor anthems.

Man I loved this course. I've just started out with Ableton and this is the first guy (that I've watched) that really simplified the UI. Ableton isn't as confusing anymore.

Sean Cusson (Jun 18, 2013)

course title

Live 9 305

Dance Music Styles Demystified

In this Ableton Live course, legendary producer Olav Basoski demystifies several dance music genres from House to Trance. See how they're similar and what makes them unique, in this 28-tutorial dance music exposé.

Thanks Olav! Very inspiring! You worked on 5 genres I think. I would just pick the best from each, and then mix it and make music.

Jan Due (Oct 23, 2015)

course title

Live 9 306

10 Killer Simpler Sampler Tips

When Ableton expert and live performance artist, Thavius Beck, offers up some Simpler Sampler tips, everybody’s got to quiet down and listen! See how Thavius deploys the features of Live’s latest version of Simpler in this FastTrack 10 Tips course!

Nice tips! Thavius is very clear and easy to understand. I appreciate his teaching style. Makes me want to dive deeper into the "rabbit hole" of simpler on my own. Thanks! P.S. I couldn't figure out why putting clips in a chain was better than just copying them to a new track to trigger, assume efficiency savings?

Jeremy M. (May 7, 2016)

course title

Live 9 400

Max For Live: For Musicians

Live 9 Suite now includes Max For Live. This course, designed specifically for musicians, teaches you how to add a new level of creativity to your Rack using the programming power of Max For Live!

Good course! Thanks!

Alexander (Mar 15, 2013)

course title

Live 9 401

Mixing & Mastering Toolbox

Olav Basoski is a mixing maestro. Watch and learn as he shows how to deploy the mixing and mastering tools in Ableton Live 9’s extensive virtual toolbox!

Oley ! for Olav....Olav always amazes with his knowledge and Grace.......we need much more of him...

Mac Pro Rocker (Mar 8, 2013)

course title

Live 9 402

Killer Sound Design

Sound designers can create any sonic FX and audio worlds that they can imagine. See the art and science of how sounds are designed, constructed and produced in this Ableton Live-based course by Certified Trainer Timo Preece...

I have been looking forward to this tutorial for a while,and it was certainly worth the wait. I like to make my own ambient music as a hobby, and this course was just perfect for me!! Timo is a very good course tutor,his knowledge is excellent!!Really good tutorial packed with content Anyone looking for some great insight to sound design, you should be purchasing this tutorial Well done to Timo,for this course,great job!

david (Sep 18, 2013)

course title

Live 9 403

Max For Live Advanced

Tired of the same ol' synths? Dig into Max For Live and design your own! Join musician and Max expert Rishabh Rajan as he takes you on a journey from initial oscillation to final output as you build your first M4L synth!

Very clear and easy to follow. Would like to see more examples including sequencers, pattern generators for melodies, and working with live recorded audio.

kostlan (Aug 11, 2013)

course title

Live 9 404

Producing Techno and House

Join producer and Certified Trainer Noah Pred on a production journey as he creates a House & Techno track from start to finish in just two hours with Live 9! Come along for the ride...

Fantastic course! Excellent use of the Live 9 new features plus interesting techniques and tips from a talented producer.

Darren (Mar 12, 2013)

course title

Live 9 405

DJing Techno and House

The future of DJing is here! House & Techno producer Noah Pred shows you all the ins and outs in this DJ-centric Live 9 course....

Ableton makes it easy to make DJ sets and this tutorial saves hours of down time.

Jose A. (Mar 7, 2013)

course title

Live 9 406

Dubstep Production

Creating Dubstep requires both advanced technical skills and wild imagination. In this advanced production course, The Sound Tutor takes you on a sonically-rich journey to the center of Dubstep production using Ableton Live.

A nice intro to building/mastering a dubstep tune from scratch with good tips on EQing and basic structure, but with so many outtakes you definitely need to look at project files to fully appreesh.

Carrion Fowl (Jul 7, 2013)

course title

Live 9 407

Remixing in Live

Imagine being right next to a master remixer while he shows you how he creates his killer tracks! No need to imagine. You’ll be right there in the producer's seat beside Olav Basoski as you watch this tutorial!

you know every time you listen to Olav you pick up some stuff and this is no different. Great automation tips and some nice plugins to boot. All in all nice remix in 3 hours work.

Phil Weafer (Aug 12, 2013)

course title

Live 9 408

Producing Glitch

Chop it. Distort it. Stutter it. Then put it all back together again and make music. That's what Glitch music is all about. Join electronic musician Rishabh Rajan as he explains how to do Glitch in Ableton Live.

Amazing course! Very objective and easy to understand. Yet very powerful techniques are covered by Rishabh. Much recommended!

GoTrO (May 29, 2014)

course title

Live 9 409

Remixing Froya

Learn the art of remixing in Ableton Live! Join Ableton Live Certified Trainer, Rishabh Rajan (AKA code:MONO), as he remixes electro-pop artist and songwriter Froya’s "Uncomprehended Child" in this 25-tutorial remixing masterclass!

course title

Live 9 410

Looping With Live

With live looping, it's possible to create a full arrangement in real time, right in front of your audience or in the studio. In this course, Ableton Certified trainer DJ Kiva reveals everything you need to know to become your own one-man band using Ableton Live!


RAPID (May 31, 2017)

course title

Push 101

Create & Perform With Push!

Do you play Live? Then you must play Push! Join Ableton Certified trainer Noah Pred as he demystifies every inch of this groundbreaking instrument from Ableton...

This video has my gears turning @ 140bpm no question about it. PUSH has definitely been designed so musicians can take their creativity from the studio to the stage and vice versa. Great course Noah!

DJ Prophet ™ (Mar 29, 2013)

course title

Push 201

Jordan Rudess - Pushing The Limits!

Ableton's Push is the most innovative new instrument to hit the market in years. So we decided to place one in the hands of the world's most innovative keyboard player: Jordan Rudess. See how Dream Theater's synth wizard pushes Push to the limit!

Excellent tutorial.. MacPro is firing on all Cylinders..High Octane...

MacPro Rocker (Mar 28, 2013)

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